Easy Class 9 Biology Notes PDF [MCQ’s, Short Q, Long Q]

Welcome students here to read class 9 biology notes PDF with easy answers. Basically, biology is the branch of science where you read various chapters in biological ways. We have provided below the easy notes of all chapters of class ix. If you are a student of any board in Punjab or federal board then you can find these notes very helpful in your studies.

Class 9 Biology Notes PDF

Students can’t understand concepts available in the biology textbook completely. Also, this subject is little bit difficult as compare to other books of 9th class. Due to this problem, many students search on the internet to get easy notes of biology for class 9 in the PDF format. GoClassNotes.com is no.1 site for getting your desired notes.    

Bio notes class 9 is consist of chapter wise breakdown. Each chapter has its own sections where you can read solved exercises, mcqs with answers, short/long questions and answers in pdf. These notes are compiled according to the new syllabus of federal board, and all Punjab boards.

Class 9 Biology Notes PDF

These notes are very helpful for the preparation for biology examination class 9th.  

Chapter 1 – Introduction To Biology
Chapter 2 – Solving A Biological Problem
Chapter 3 – Biodiversity
Chapter 4 – Cells and Tissues
Chapter 5 – Cell Cycle
Chapter 6 – Enzymes
Chapter 7 – Bioenergetics
Chapter 8 – Nutrition
Chapter 9 – Transport

These notes are available free of cost for all students. We only want you to share this knowledge with your friends and classmates. If you feels biology or any other is subject is tough for you then don’t worry below are the steps to prepare any subject for the exam point of view.

By reading below important points you can grow your learning skills and perform well in the examination.  

How To Achieve Excellent Marks In The Examination?

  • First you need to read the book of a particular subject before getting lecture on it.
  • Create a list of concepts which are difficult for you before going to take lecture of a subject.
  • After the lecture, read and learn all the points what you have got from the teacher.
  • It is recommended that; create handmade notes of all lectures and important points.
  • Lastly, repeat all the helping material after 8 hours and then 24 hours according to SQ3R method. (You can find information of SQ3R method on Google.)

Above golden rules will help you get high grades in any subject. These notes are a collection of multiple choice questions, short and long questions with their answers according to the recent edition of biology book. If you find any error or mistake in these notes then please let us know in the comment section below so that we update it.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have got the solution to class 9 biology notes pdf. This type of helping material takes lots of effort in compiling it for you. For this reason, we want appreciation from you. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment space below. On this site, you can also get notes on other subjects of your class.

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